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Achieve the Smooth Skin You’ve Always Wanted

Our Expertise

Picone Beauty and Wellness Spa in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania provides electrolysis treatments to permanently remove body hair. Administered by a certified professional electrologist, you can have peace of mind knowing you are in great hands.

Forever free multiple needle galvanic electrolysis

A soft and effective method for truly removing hair permanently, the galv ep system precisely targets the entire length of the hair follicle and changes the PH of the cells, leaving the hair follicle useless forever. Equally permanent and safe for all skin types and for all hair types and colors including: white, blonde and red.

For more information and to help answer any questions regarding permanent hair removal, schedule a free consultation.

1 hour session — $150.00

One half hour session — $100.00

Not all hair may be treated in one visit. Only the hair that is visible at the time of the visit can be removed. Therefore, several sessions over a period of three or four months are usually prescribed. This ensures treatment of hairs which may have been previously tampered with as well as those which may have been in the resting stage.

Sometimes, it is possible to remove all visible hair during the first session. This will vary from client to client depending on the amount of hair and how close together they grow. If it is very dense, several treatments will be necessary to thin out the hair growth. Individual treatment plans will be developed during the initial evaluation.


Electrolysis Testimonials

Over the years I've tried just about every form of hair removal available and none of them worked and some even left scars. Through trial and error, I found that the multi-probe galvanic method was both almost 100% effective and safe -- I literally flew out several times to Arizona to be treated because finding a practitioner utilizing this method with years of experience can be very hard to find.

Thank God, one day I saw an ad for Sara Picone (Picone Beauty and Wellness) in the yellow pages. I've found Sara to be the best electrolygist I've ever been to and by far the most effective. In addition to her expertise, she's also one of the friendliest people you'd ever meet and really knows how to make her patients feel comfortable.

-Michele C.

Frequently asked Electrolysis Questions

Does your treatment result in permanent hair removal?

Yes, our method, Modern Galvanic, results in permanent hair removal. 

Once removed the hair will never grow back.

I've had electrolysis before and the results were less than permanent. Why?

There are 3 methods in the marketplace today called electrolysis. The most prevalent method uses a single probe and may be called shortwave. This method is uncomfortable abd treats only a portion of the follicle leaving live cells. Picone Beauty and Wellness practices Modern Galvanic, a modality treating both the hair and follicle. Treatment results in no live cells remaining, hence no regrowth.

Are there side effects to treatment?

No, medical research shows there are no side effects related to electrolysis

Is your treatment painful?

Modern Galvanic uses a low level of current resulting in comfortable treatment.

Clients who have experienced other methods tell us our treatment feels totally different and that they can relax during the treatment.

Is there a healing period?

The low level of current is sufficent to destroy the targeted area with only a slight irritation. A redness may occur and disappear within on hour. There are never any permanent marks or scars.

Is your treatment safe?

Yes, it is completely safe. We employ sterile technique in each of our treatment rooms. All patient supplies are sterilized using the hospital method, ultrasonic cleanser, and autoclave. Patients have the option of purchasing their own individual supplies.

What areas of the body can be treated?

We have performed treatment on almost every area of the face and body. Mucous membrane areas can not be treated.

Are your electrologists well qualified?

Yes, all are state certified. Additionally, all have received advanced training in the Modern Galvanic method.

How long before I see results?

Results are immediate and permanent. Completion depends on each clients' goal.

For example, an average upper lip problem will be cleared permanently in 10-20 hours.

Are you doctor referred?

Many clients come to us as direct referrals from area doctors. In certain cases we work in conjuction with a doctor.

Explanation of Electrolysis 

High frequency Electroepilation

The high-frequency (h-f) method became popular in the USA in the 1930's and 1940's primarily due to its apparent simplicity and instantaneous results. A single needle is inserted into the hair follicle and an oscillating current in the h-f range is discharged which coagulates the tissue around the needle.

Renewed interest in permenent hair removal by physicians soon dissipated due to the high rate of regrowth. However among electrologists this continues to be the prevalent modality.

An important limitation of this modality is that when the h-f current discharges from the needle it does not discharge evenly over the entire length of the blade but instead favors only one section around which it does the greatest damage (Figures 1, 2).

However, permanent hair removal requires destruction of the entire lower two-thirds of the hair follicle (Figure 3). This modality is adequate for shallow follicles but in the case of deep hair follicles a portion of the significant tissue may be left viable. This, along with the common practice of using short needles, may account for the high rates of regrowth reported for h-f in the literature.

Electoepilation needles inserted into the tissue.

Fig. 1: The galvanic current discharges from the full length of the inserted needle thus destroying the entire length of the follicle. The longer the current is permitted to flow the further the alkaline reaction infiltrates laterally.

Fig. 2: The high-frequency current does not discharge from the full length of the needle blade but instead only one section. In a deep follicle portion of the tissue would remain viable and result in regrowth.

Fig. 3: To prevent regrowth the entire lower two-thirds of the hair follicle must be destroyed. This is what occurs with "true electrolysis.".

Low Current Galvanic Electropilation

The primary features of the Modern Galvanic Method are:

  • low intensity direct current which is precisely regulated by microprocessor for both timing and intensity
  • a method which more efficiently uses the alkalinity generated
  • an approach which more precisely reaches the targeted tissue because of needle design and highly skilled and trained practitioners.

The low intensity is sufficient to destroy the targeted tissue with only a mild inflammation reaction in the surrounding tissue. In most adult patients the redness dissipates within thirty minutes. The long, fine, highly flexible needles permit precise positioning and helps insure total destruction of the targeted tissue with only one treatment, insuring no regrowth.

Blend Electroepilation

The Blend methods were developed in an attempt to improve the effectiveness of the h-f modality. Hinkel Reported that deep hair follicles could not be destroyed with the h-f current alone and therefore added to the direct current in an attempt to reach the untreated tissue. The instantaneous feature of the h-f method is combined with the slower but more effective direct current electrolysis.

In an attempt to improve the rate of epilation some operators use moderate to high intensities of direct current, causing significant discomfort to the patient. Also, some operators attempt prolonged lower intensity high-frequency current which in deep insertions can result in extensive surface coagulation and scarification.

The blend methods in the hands of well trained, experienced operators have proved to be more effective than the high-frequency methods, but not as effective as electrolysis.


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